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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Great Product that Makes Good Scents - Wickless Candle/Wax Warmer

My nose (and yours) is connected to a portion of the nervous system that controls emotions. That's why aromatherapy (the use of aroma to enhance a feeling of well-being) has an effect on mindset and emotions and explains why I become grumpy and blue when my house doesn't smell nice.

In my search for air serenity, I have tried:
  • aerosol sprays but I don't like to add contaminants to the atmosphere and the sprays don't last very long in a large space;
  • potpourri but the fragrance from dried out blossoms did not do it for me;
  • potpourri warmers but I almost set the house afire when the tealight flame was larger than I liked and I thoughtlessly applied water to extinguish it (duh). Additionally, I set the hot warming pot on a cool surface and it cracked (duh again);
  • to stay away from scented oil burners after my fiasco with the potpourri warmer;
  • scented candles but I don't like the risk of an open flame or the soot;
  • gel plug-ins but the plug-in gets caked and the aroma doesn't last long;
  • scented oil plug-ins but I didn't care for the limited scents nor the cost of the oil refills;
  • reed diffusers and thought this was the answer to my "a-room-a-therapy" quest.

Then a dear friend demonstrated the wickless candle/wax warmer she was using in place of scented candles.

The wickless candle/wax warmer is a system that uses a 15 to 25 watt lightbulb in a ceramic warmer to slowly melt a specially formulated wax cube. There is no wick, flame or soot to jeopardize house & home while the fragrant scent infuses the air. Additionally, the soft glow from the warmer imparts a serene ambience. Wax cubes can last from 20-80 hours and can be poured back into their package when you would like to experience another scent or create a different mood.

I've tried two of these systems (ScentSationals and Scentsy) and use a combination in my home. Scentsationals ( can be found at some Walmart Stores, all Hobby Lobby Stores and online. Scentsy ( can only be purchased through a Scentsy consultant.

Scentsationals are good because:
  • The warmers and waxes are less expensive than Scentsy (however, the selection of both scents and warmers is not as large as Scentsy);
  • I can purchase them at my local Hobby Lobby Store at a discount during a 50% off sale or with a 40% off coupon.

Scentsy is good because:
  • They offer a plug-in version of the warmer which is very convenient in those areas where space is limited. Medium and large warmers are also available;
  • Scentsy offers a greater and better-made selection of warmer styles;
  • Scentsy has more than 80 scents to choose from. (So many fragrances transported me to that serene place I was seeking that I found it difficult to prioritize the scents I wanted to use in my new, plug-in warmer because I wanted them all).

Now I can create that moment of relaxation I’ve been hankering for using a great product that makes good scents. When I need a quick aromatherapy pick-me-up, I just open a package of the fragrant wax cubes and take a sniff. Or when I have time for myself to sit and read a book, I flip the switch on my scented wax warmer, unwind, loosen up and enjoy the fragrant serenity that surrounds me.

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